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This is an example of a HTML caption with a link.

How to use

You can follow these steps:
1.Add a HTML module
2.Paste the content codes into the HTML module ( Choose "HTML" mode in HTML Editor ).
3.Edit the content code
4.Finally Save

Content code

<div class="bxslider-thumbnail">
<ul class="bx-thumbnail">
    <li><img alt="" src="" /></li>
    <li><img alt="" src="" /></li>
    <li><img alt="" src="" /></li>
    <li><img alt="" src="" /></li>
<div id="bx-thumbnail-pager">
<a data-slide-index="0"><img alt="" src="" /></a>
<a data-slide-index="1"><img alt="" src="" /></a>
<a data-slide-index="2"><img alt="" src="" /></a>
<a data-slide-index="3"><img alt="" src="" /></a>